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Everything about this movie was a straight masterpiece. Great ending such a plot twist 😍😍. DO YOU PEOPLE SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR FAMILY LEAVES WAKANDA🙄🙄🙄🙄. Hey if you want at the end of the movie nothing happens XD you thought I was going to spoil it. This song is so haunting and beautiful, especially in the beginning scene with Tony. Thank you for uploading this.

I watched this movie and Im now 🎢going to Santa Cruz 💀😬🤭. Anyone catch the “its a DOPE song” the father said when the daughter told the boy its about drugs. OMG. It just get better and better and better. awesome 🙂. So why did the real Adelaide talk so weirdly. I'm happy for her to able to afford to live this me I am disabled and on a fixed income so it would be hard to live this way. Jordan Peele and Donald Glover need to do a movie together. See the world through a tear. just keep breathing. Salt has dried, you're not here. Just a heartbeat away. the demons walk in. Now i know it's too late. A priceless Glory. Momento Mori. All for nothing now. I know. Nothing of the heart remains. Even if we could've stayed. We've been here long enough. long enough. to know it's all in vain. Everything we tried to say. up until the final day. I guess we said enough. said enough. to know. it's all. in. vain. Sharon Den Adel.

I didn't like the movie. Guess I'm just old school I guess. A Quite Place was a good horror film in my opinion. Us just didn't have a fright factor compared to The Strangers. Very sweet lady. Great info. Thanks guys.


I'm ok with spoilers, because I know I'm not gonna watch it. Don't get me wrong, I love Jordan Peele, but I hate horror films.