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Published on January 19, 2020, 9:57 am — Sport Movies





"You can not escape from the family. this is the name for the new film by Dani Boone, the French actor, screenwriter and director, who became widely known after his comedy "Bobro Phorzhalat" a few years ago. And here is the new work of the not very old maitre. you can not escape from the family.
This story is about the fact that the most important thing that there is in a person's life is his family. That is, mother, father, wife, brothers and sisters, nephews. In general, everything that gives him the strength to live and create. Well, and this is a story (and easy banter at the same time) about two different worlds - the world of elite elite bohemians and the world of the inhabitants of a small village somewhere in the north, in a deaf (in French manner) province, where they say even sometimes so that they do not especially and you will understand.
What is there to say. The opposition of the inhabitants of the capitals and provincials from the deaf man was the skate of still ancient writers and comediographers. Over ungainly "rustic" cheated in Athens and Rome. Yes, and the same Gascon from Artagnan - the classic was just a provincial! So far, Paris has not subdued. And this tradition is still character for the world of cinema, first of all, probably for the cinema of France, Italy and Spain. For in all these countries there are different provinces with their own cultural characteristics. Well, that's another guy who came to the capital "for catching fame and rank" as they said earlier. Became a very fashionable designer. His in the ranks of the capital's bohemia. And it does not matter that his creations are very badly combined with real life - but they are pretentious and pretentious, which means they cause admiration and are very expensive. And even from his real family, this fashion figure in fact abjured. Even his wife does not know about his ancestors. And everything would go as it went - a beautiful apartment, beautiful and little-functional furniture, etc., etc. but suddenly Paris decides to come across relatives of this genius. Fairly considering that it is not necessary to inform yourself about yourself. br> What are the advantages of this film. It flashes a lot of people familiar to you on contemporary French films. But the main highlight (at least for the domestic audience) is Pierre Richard himself. Yes, his role is secondary - but it's not a cameo. And his character causes sincere laughter and tenderness.
In general, this is a good, slightly naive, but all-good and right film. This is a story about a man as a Person, and not just a selfish consumer. This is a story about ridiculous and kind "little people" albeit awkward, rude, cursing at times - but there are more lives in them, and they themselves are much more honest than the refined Parisian bourgeoisie.
There are funny skits. There are a couple of almost tragic scenes. There is a catharsis. And there is just an old kind French fooling. And recognition in love - it's the same French cinema.
And another undoubted advantage - almost no trivial joke. After the recent "Taxi-5. the very thing that the doctor prescribed!
Good movie.