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Published on January 20, 2020, 1:02 am — War Films

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The film is excellent beginning to end! The footage, crisp, vivid colors, vineyard scenes, comments by vignerons (Alex Gambal, Véronique Drouhin-Boss and others) music, gaiety, laughter, and celebrations. Filmmaker Rudi Goldman interwove food and cooking into the film, showing people having fun while discussing the business of wine. The film ultimately lives up to its name, People With a Passion for Wine" and life. Real? One is Better then the other? Not true. They are different. Enjoy both. Song at 2:40 please. * HIATUS ON SELLING - moving to a new place! Will ship again starting Sept. 10. Yeah, Im calling this an epic destash, because I really hope I never have to list this much makeup to sell again. Moving soon, need to get rid of my ~ little~ arsenal of backup beauty products. All items are BRAND NEW. Theyve been only opened for me to take pictures of them for selling. If they were in plastic wrap, I left them wrapped. Theres a good mix of Deluxe Samples (DS) and Full Sizes (FS. If its not.

In my vinyard - I would choose NO LIMESTONES - at all, but good quality plant and fruit producing humuslike soils and a good drainage, nothing more, nothing less.


Browsing the Hall of Seasons: Another Story from the Maya. Jancis 👍👍👍❤❤❤. For me, the BEST WINE are those that are OXFAM produced, especially the AFRICAN wines! They have not overbearing tannines and not too overbearing alcohol gehalte. Fabulous Gift! ByDebbie on March 2, 2017 Format: Amazon Video I bought this film as a present for my father-in-law who is a a great fan of the region and especially of the food and wines to be found there. We watched it together from start to finish! I loved the way it presents the growers, the chefs, connoisseurs, everyone involved - even the tourists who visit the region just to experience the passion and sensations that go with all things bourgondian. It's a feel good film that delights the senses and made me want to book a vacation to Burgundy right away! I highly recommend this as a gift for any wine lover and traveller or just a collector's item.

Official Character Profiles [CH. Amateurs. Is it possible to buy those videos. I am a frequent visitor to Burgundy, leader of wine tours to Burgundy, leader of tastings and giving speeches about Burgundy,  Chevalier in the ´Confrerie. Honorary member of the Swedish Munskänkarna orgamnisagion etc etc. I could use these videos for all these purposes...

An argument that can never be won

Next video will be about something even more trivial. Vanilla vs Chocolate ice cream or maybe cashmere vs silk if you want to get more highbrow. I think this is a great topic and a lively conversation, and both presenters did a fantastic job. That being said, if you're choosing a LB Bordeaux to present your argument (which you absolutely would) you shouldn't bring a 6yr old vintage to make your argument, even if it's price point is under 70. I would have presented the 2000 vintage. JMO. I'm also a huge fan of Hugh's Napa Cab review. I have one California Cab investment wine in my cellar (2013) because it has 50+yrs of aging potential, and I'm counting on California to fall into the ocean, making my Cali Cab sentimentally priceless.

BAJEN LA MUSICA CUANDO EL TIPO HABLA. Jancis totally amazing with language and speaking. not saying she's right, I don't know. These videos are amazing! I love the way Michael Fagan interview and presents the info in a very clear way, it's very instructive. And also it's great the people who they interview.! the key wine region players to explain and show the best of their places.

When people ask me: Burgundy or Bordeaux? I always respond: Rioja. As for the debate I knew that Burgundy would win, and not because I think Burgundy is better than Bordeaux (or vice versa) but because Jancis is a way more charming and bright commentator than Hugh. Horrible job by debate moderator. Good speakers interesting topic but this is a silly debate. You cant compare the two. Apples and oranges. They both have their place. Both regions always seem to me to be overpriced unless you know where to look. And no mention of the great phylloxera problem of the late 1850's. This video is nothing more than a promotional effort by the French wine industry.

The Burgundians have their own cachet and this documentary captures it perfectly. Whether or not you are a lover of wine, the entire film is so watchable and will entice you to set out on a journey to discover the enigma that is this wine region. So skillfully filmed, the cinematography makes this wine community come alive in every frame. Don't miss watching it, with a glass of Meursault in your hand. I'm I the only one who is annoyed by the mis-placed of their seating. should be Bordeaux vs Burgundy on the backdrop.

Great debate, terrible host. Stop knocking Jancis and riding Hugh's Di*k. (Spoilers Everything) Aerys's Lovers Die, Septa Scolera, Taena, Marei, Olenna, Maegor, Daario. Mega-Tinfoil Essay Part 3 of 3. Awesome video. K parava illa viedo. good. Captures the Spirit of One of the Greatest Wine Regions in the World ByCathrine M Toddon February 27, 2017 Format: Amazon Video This documentary perfectly captures the wonderful people, the magical place and the enchanting wines of Burgundy. If you want to know why it is considered one of the greatest wine regions in the world then watch this film.


Burgundy: People with a Passion for Wine
4.1 stars - Cortez Suzie