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Published on January 1, 2020, 7:34 pm — Romance Movies

Revealing Mr. Maugham



I really learned a lot from this film, I highly recommend it, made me read more Maugham. Not easy cramming 90+ years of a person life into an 80+ mins film but they did a wonderful job here. And, apparently, when the producers of REVEALING MR. MAUGHAM see what they've begun, decide to give Gay Guys in General 41. MAUGHAM's opening and overall premise is that "Gay guys thrive as spies" from Toddlerhood on up. Just as James Bond creator Ian Fleming and CATCHER IN THE RYE author J.D. Salinger, MAUGHAM was a Real Life Spy during the World War Era of the 1900s, as was that Turing bloke who broke the Nazi's Enigma Machine Code by building the World's first Super Computer. Whether closeted or not, Gay Guys like this quartet, or the winners of MAUGHAM's annual Gay Spy Award such as John Le Carre, and Public Latrine Secret Agents as a whole often if not usually perish miserably, frequently by their own hand, as was the case with MAUGHAM's own gay older brother, Harry. Though youthful LGBT losses such as Harry's or Brandon Teena's are full of pathos, a better word to describe the demise of those who linger on to the over-ripe age of 91 such as MAUGHAM is "bathos." Shunned by everyone he knew on his last trip home to London after a final 20 years of scribbling (and publishing) pure drivel, these MAUGHAM researchers reveal that "Billy" was forced to expire totally discredited in France.

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This looks like such a spectacular and moving movie, i can't wait. Ian McEwan is a beast of writer, moder classic, and successful enough to get two movies based on his books in 2 years. I really like the music, it fits very well with the video. Also, the ending was excellent! A very well made video. Mylady, gracias a Dios que no tenemos ese rígido sistema de clases sociales en los paìses no-anglosajones y que nunca pudísteis conquistar con vuestro. Imperio.

And Tucci always on point and making the movie enhanced

+TheMousal: Yes.I am from India (Hyderabad. The character Larry in Razor's Edge visited India and met Saint called Sri Ganesha. This is fiction. Actually Maugham visited India and met a saint by name Ramana Maharshi who is South Indian Tamil Brahmin and at tender age of 14? he became silent loin cloth saint and settled in Tiruvannamalai (Tamil Nadu state, India) on hillock and lead a saintly life and passed away there. Only last year I visited this place and walked steep hill up and visited place where he stayed and perhaps, I recalled, Maugham must have sat here and spoken to the Saint. Larry was shown as though he acquired healing powers.

Wonderful! Glad to know there are still so many Maugham fans around. Wise words. Jolly good show.





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